‘Free At Last’ production is a creation of two Greek choreographersand dancers, Danae Dimitriadi and Dennis Alamanos. Be Grims designstudio, undertakes the creation and the production of the dancecostumes.Free At Last draws inspiration from Souliotes, a mountaintribe which used to exist in the north of Greece. More specifically,the Souliot war and the myth of Zalongo which occurred at thebeginning of the 19th century. Motivated and inspired by the myth,Danae and Dionysios wanted to capture the thrill of the momentand bring on stage the sensation of the final dance.Accompanying with their prespective, Be Grims studio, selects as astarting point the traditional costumes of Souliotes and createsminimal silhouttes_different version for each dancer_with impactful presence on stage. Taking in big considerationthe freedom of their movements and the space that wantedto create around them, we construct tight bodies for the upper partand wide-leg pants for the bottom all in black color,giving the impression of someone well rooted in the ground yetelevated in spirit. The core element of these costumes is a patternwe drew representing the transmission between past into futureand the idea of life, death and rebirth. For the final creation of thispattern we collaborated with Loomigans, a craftsmans studioworking in Greek traditional weaving looms.

Produced and supported :
Theater Rotterdam , RIDCC
Photo : Ton Van Til
Dancers : Danae Dimitriadi,
Livia Petillo, Pauline De Laet,
Ioulia Zacharaki
Music : Costantine Skourlis
Lights: Jorg Schellekens