Ethically designed & hand-crafted in collaboration with women artisans in Cyclades, Greece

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Our Story

In Begrims Studio, the founder, Danae Grimopoulou, cultivates an ethos deeply grounded in the eternal rhythms of nature that will breathe life into precious garment and art pieces.
Here, every creation blossoms into a masterpiece, resonating with an unparalleled harmony and beauty.
Danae's personal journey intertwines seamlessly with the spirits of her ancestors, paying profound homage to her Greek heritage and safeguarding its cherished traditions.
Driven by her passion, she forges authentic connections with local artisans across Greece, recognizing and celebrating their mastery of craft.
Through collaborative efforts, she illuminates the extraordinary artistry of these artisans, with a particular spotlight on the remarkable contributions of women who persevere in their craft, including Danae herself.
Begrims Studio stands as —a labor of love—where the threads of past, present, and future are meticulously interwoven.
It serves as a testament to the beauty of artistry, the richness of culture, and the enduring power of collaboration.
The artistic visions unfurl, and the human spirit is celebrated in all its diverse forms.



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