Be Grims is a designer brand established in 2017 by Danae and Korallia Grimopoulou. Knowing the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, we aim to raise awareness and conscientiousness among consumers about this issue.

Inspired by our mother who was born and raised in Ivory Coast, Africa, Be Grims’ aesthetic lies somewhere between Greek temperament and African spirit. We design and produce collections of limited garments which embrace diversity of cultures and we try to express this through the uniqueness of our designs. It is this combination that allows us merge ethnic patterns, with simplicity of lines, creating silhouettes that celebrate color.

We pride ourselves of working with local artisans who have mastered their craft in fabric for generations and keep elevating their techniques, creating powerful designs that are on trend.

Final garment production takes place in Athens, using local tailors , thereby supporting the local community as well. By using natural fibers such as organic cotton and linen, we commit to limit their environmental impact and set sustainability a core principle.

Every piece of Be Grims clothing tells a story on its own. We hope our clothes will feel like a part of yours and add color to your life’s journey, from this moment onward. Akwaba.